Print News Release Retires



Subject:           News:  Print News Release Retires


Print news release retires

E-mail news release takes over

COLUMBUS, OHIO—The e-mail news release has recently taken over for the retired print news release in public relations agencies and departments all over the world.

Ivy Lee developed the print news release in 1906.  Lee used a news release and communication with journalists and photographers to foster an open and positive relationship with members of the media.

Now, the e-mail news release is making a splash in the public relations world because it is faster, easier and more thorough.

“Everyone wants to be the first to break a story,” said e-mail news release, “e-mailing a news release makes that possible while including more information.”

An e-mail news release should include:

  • A subject line
  • A headline
  • A subhead (optional)
  • A dateline
  • A lead
  • Copy
  • “###” at the end of the story
  • Media contact’s contact information
  • “For immediate release” and the release date
  • Links to any relevant websites

Strategies to writing an effective e-mail news release:

  • The subject line should say “News:” followed by a very specific line about what the news is.
  • The headline should be very specific and eye-catching so the journalist doesn’t just delete your e-mail
  • Call ahead to tell the journalist to expect the release
  • Write with the most important information first
  • Use bullet points for important listed information because people tend to skim on screen, rather than read
  • Include quotes in the release

The print news release chose to retire because it felt that it wasn’t an effective form of communication anymore.

“I’m old-fashioned,” print news release said, “It was time for me to retire, and I think e-mail news release is already doing a great job.”


Contact Information                                          For Immediate Release

Jane Doe                                                                         August 3, 2011


Professional Writing Twitter!/ProfWritingOSU


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