Facebook Spartan: Threat to Apple’s Social Media Dominance?

The world lost an ingenious man on Wed, October 5, 2011.  With an average of about two-in-five people owning and using one of his Apple products, Steve Jobs was a Jules Verne-like visionary and a modern tech genius.

He made his power-house company, Apple, from a garage in Silicon Valley to the world’s leading tech company.  His death marks the end of an icon, and leaves a wake in the industry.  With the somewhat lack-luster release of the new iPhone 4S, the next step for Apple’s new management is anyone’s guess.  Can it keep up with Jobs’s technological innovation, or will his passing open the floodgates for a brand new titan in the industry?

Enter Facebook Spartan.  A perfectly timed attempt – albeit by coincidence – to take over a chunk of Apple’s app market.  Facebook Spartan is Facebook’s own attempt at an app store.  Facebook knows that Apple products make up a big portion of the market (remember 2 in 5 people?), and it wants a piece of the action.  By creating a program that piggybacks on Safari, a Mac-based web browser, Facebook would be able to completely bypass the Apple app-store and create its own app-store on the web.  In doing so, Facebook could potentially siphon hundreds, if not thousands, of app downloads away from Apple every day.

The Facebook Spartan project has hurtled numerous roadblocks in its development, but looks to be finally closing in on a finished product.  Rumors are that Facebook intends to launch the program in the coming weeks.  Only time will tell if this is the real rise of Facebook, or just another great way for social media to connect all of us.  Here’s the link with the latest info:  http://www.slashgear.com/facebook-project-spartan-leaks-unveil-tipped-monday-with-ipad-app-29183916/


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