For Student Bloggers

To: Future Student Bloggers

From: Former Student Blogger

PWOG: n. 1) a professional writing blog, a blog written by professional writers.

When I saw the blog project on the syllabus, it took all the willpower I possessed not to shake my head and roll my eyes.  I’ve written a blog post or two in my days as a student, but they’ve never been worth diddly-squat.  I never really understood why people wasted their time writing them.  Or reading them, for that matter.

Who knows what bloggers write about and why they think other people would be interested?  They’re too short – how can you accomplish anything in so short of a space?  Or they’re too long!  I feel like I’ll go blind trying to read the whole thing on the screen.  Needless to say, I wasn’t a big blog fan.

But Pwogs, well that’s a blog of a different topic.  Our Pwog is essentially a one-stop shop for professional writing, covering topics from tips for writing newsletters to strategies for using social media to publicize your company.   Whether you’re involved with writing the posts or reading them, your time will be well spent.

The Creator of the PWOG: Alexis Martina, Professional Writing Instructor

Alexis Martina, the class’s fearless leader, graduated from THE Ohio State University  with a BA in English.  While she had originally intended to teach high school English, she decided to become a college professor and pursue a doctorate in English.  As a grad student, Alexis started working at the Center for Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW) as a writing center tutor and then as the program’s assistant coordinator… But that was years ago!  Currently, Alexis is writing her dissertation, and she continues working for CSTW and teaching a whole slew of English classes, focusing on everything from composition to poetry to fiction to professional writing.

Please note: Professional Writing is her favorite class to teach.  And our class is her favorite. Ever.

The Inspiration of the PWOG: Us! Professional Writing Students

That’s right folks.  A professor finally listened to a student!  A previous class came up with the idea of creating a resource for professional writing students like themselves, and what better way to create a universally accessible, ever-expanding, and active student resource than a blog!  Alexis works with her students each term on the direction and topics for the blog. All of the posts are researched and written by students, according to their interests.

The Goals and Benefits of the PWOG: Where to begin…

The best part of the Pwog is that students don’t even know how many benefits they will reap from it.  It’s like getting a kid to drink V8: they  think it’s delicious, but it’s actually healthy for them.  We just think it’s a cool project (way better than a research paper), but it’s giving us way more than we bargained for:

  • It’s a student resource that will compound and grow exponentially with every additional class.
  • It’s a resource that is, and always will be, accessible! (Writing an editorial for a new internship?  Good thing you can look back at that blog from college and get tips and ideas that you know are legit)
  • It’s a portfolio booster! (That’s right, Mr. Employer, I am a published author!)
  • It’s an opportunity for students to learn by doing and to gain real world experience that will, in fact, matter in the real world. (Let’s face it: posting a professional writing blog has a bit more relevance to the professional world than a deep analysis of the role of women in Njal’s Saga.)

It’s a resource for professional writers by professional writers.

It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the world of blog writing.

It’s a treasure trove of reliable and relevant tips and how-to’s.

It’s a Pwog.


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